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the sabbath in puritan new england, 1891

by Alice Morse Earle, Seventh Edition, To the Memory of my Mother Mother


I.     The New England Meeting-House

II.    The Church Militant

III.   By Drum and Horn and Shell

IV.    The Old-Fashioned Pews

V.     Seating the Meeting

VI.    The Tithingman and the Sleepers

VII.   The Length of the Service

VIII.  The Icy Temperature of the Meeting-House

IX.    The Noon-House

X.     The Deacon's Office

XI.    The Psalm-Book of the Pilgrims

XII.   The Bay Psalm-Book

XIII.  Sternhold and Hopkins' Version of the Psalms

XIV.   Other Old Psalm-Books

XV.    The Church Music

XVI.   The Interruptions of the Services

XVII.  The Observance of the Day

XVIII. The Authority of the Church and the Ministers

XIX.   The Ordination of the Minister

XX.    The Ministers

XXI.   The Ministers' Pay

XXII.  The Plain-Speaking Puritan Pulpit

XXIII. The Early Congregations


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