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Heaven, Revelation 7:13-17


The Apostle John is one of the few human beings who has been privileged to have been given a demonstration of the way God transcends time. There is no obstacle of time to the infinite , unlimited God.. He sees all things in a moment... all things in an instant... we see them as they unfold in time. We do not know what is coming around tomorrow’s corner... but God sees tomorrow as clearly as he sees today.

To help us understand this mind boggling truth, let us say God has a "birdseye view" of all that takes place in the procession of time... While we have a view from the ground... and as time passes by we see what unfolds before us.

Illustration- You have come into Riverside and joined the crowds on the 4th of July to watch the biggest procession of bands, displays and majorettes the City has ever gathered. You take your position on Iowa... at the entrance of the Church car park- You watch as the leading band comes round the corner ... you could hear them coming down Blaine, but because the building was blocking your view and the crowds were lined up you only see the band when it passes in front of you..... You are sure there are more marchers to come... so you stay where you are and enjoy the procession as it passes in front of you. After forty mins. there is a lull... the man next to you says.. "I think it must be over.. you strain your neck and then come slowly to the conclusion that He must be right... there is nothing in front of you.. therefore you think it is finished, but you are not sure... you think there might be another group ready to appear around the corner. ....... Your view from the street only allows you to see the procession as it comes.

But there is hovering all the time over head a helicopter... in it two Police men are observing the events of the day and ensuring that the whole procession goes off without a delay, or hitch. In one glance they from their position can see everything. They are able to take in the beginning and the middle and the end in one look.... for them there is no need to wait to se what comes next, they see it all at once.

The illustration has some weak points in it- but it helps us to see that while we must wait to see what the procession of time brings... God is not restricted by that barrier... in one glance His omniscient mind perceives the beginning and the end... He is not bound as we are - he is the Transcendent God.

Now, the Apostle John is experiencing something really amazing.. amazing to us , but not to God- He is being shown things which have not yet happened , but he is seeing them with his eyes as if they were taking place before him. He has been taken by God and the curtain of time has been pulled back and he is being permitted to look at what lies behind those otherwise impenetrable drapes.

He sees some wonderful things- Nothing more wonderful than a view of the Lamb of God in the midst of His throne, arrayed in power and resplendent in glory- the risen , exalted Lord. You can read of this in ch.4 & 5.

When we come into ch. 7 we read of John seeing the triumphant Church of God... It is a multitude no man can number- but they are all , each and every one known by God and from the symbolical number used- 144,000 we see it is a complete and full host, with none missing who should be there.

As we come into verses 13-17 the Apostle is approached by an elder... This individual draws John’s attention from the angels which he had been gazing at as they fall before the throne worshipping God.. and he points to the multitude of people who are in heaven all clothed in white robes. "Who are these John?" The elder knew who they were, but this is his way of asking John to consider this host of people for himself.

"My lord ( a title of respect- not adoration...) Sir- you know.. I don’t" Now John’s attention is riveted onto the great multitude. What a day this is for John- he is seeing incredible things ... although confined to Patmos and banned from preaching- he is being so blessed by God it is wonderful what he is seeing..

It is what the elder next says to John that really is the burden of my message tonight.. he tells John that this company of people have come from great tribulation, but that no more will they undergo suffering, for now they will be eternally in the Temple of God.. or in the very presence of the Lord.

One thing I am pretty sure about and it is that everyone here wants to think that they will be in this multitude... Indeed anyone with any pretension to religion expects more or less to enter heaven. However from what the elder says there are important things needing to be considered before anyone can say with certainty they are going to heaven.

You will see , I trust clearly, that the crowd is made up of people who have washed their robes and made them white. There is no reason for us to assume that there is one person among this company who has not been washed in the blood of the Lamb. Indeed from the words of the text it seems to me to be clear that the holy gates of heaven are barred to those who know nothing of the cleansing there is in the blood of the Lamb.

It would be so easy to think that everything is well providing you are able to appreciate sound doctrine... but do you seriously imagine that will take you to heaven? You know I believe, in some cases the Devil will happily allow men to think highly of sound doctrine.. he may even encourage it, if he can also make men think that it is by sound doctrine they will enter heaven.

Anyone who knows anything about this Church also knows we believe that sound doctrine is important... we love to talk doctrine and study doctrine... but not one of us will be made fit to appear before God by our doctrine- never think it is possible, never- you will only be fit to stand among the great company of the redeemed in glory, if you know the cleansing of the blood of Jesus Christ. Our message today is one that turns our hearts to considering vital things.


1. People who go to heaven once had filthy garments

John looks at a happy and blessed company, but they were not always like that. There was a time when they were polluted with sin. Then their garments were anything but white.. they were dirty and contaminated by iniquity.

But at a point in time they were made to feel the horribleness of their sin. They had thought themselves fine, until the Lord by the power of the Spirit opened their eyes and suddenly they were able to see they were unfit to approach a Holy God.

They were able to preen their feathers thinking they were beautiful to behold... but when the Holy Spirit opened their eyes and they looked into the mirror of the Word of God.. they saw they were ugly and spiritually a mess.. they were made ashamed of their sin.

The grace of God in the heart of a sinner enables that person to see and discover the depths of natural depravity they have. Sins guilt and sins pollution is known when God begins to work. While the outward eyes looking on will never discover the sin of your heart you feel it is so obvious because the Spirit has shown it to you.

If you have grace in your heart you will feel condemned for the angry thought and the unchaste look. The Bible says "The thought of foolishness is sin." The ungodly think that what goes on in their minds is absolutely their own business... but the awakened conscience knows that God is tuned in and there is a sense of the guilt a transgressor feels.

These people who stand now before God arrayed in pure garments are the ones who while on earth felt their own sin and knew it to be a real problem... they have not always had white and clean robes on.

Furthermore when they were on earth and when they sought to serve God as those whom he had regenerated and saved.. they continued to know the presence of sin even in the holy things they sought to do.

One preacher has said "even our repentance needs repenting of!" You who are Christians isn’t it true that when you are even worshipping God there is no absence of sins fingerprints?

One honest minister said "There is enough sin in one of my best sermons".. he meant a sermon preached under the power of the Holy Spirit.. "there is enough sin to destroy even my own soul!" You know it is true! I am certain that no-one who has ever known the awakening of the Holy Spirit has preached and not known the presence of sin.

You know what I mean; You get liberty in Public Praying and immediately you think "What a good prayer that was!" Satan patted your back and you thought "The people will think highly of me now!" How proud and self-righteous you felt.

Until you realized that even your best for God was tainted by your own sin and you even had to ask God to forgive you for what went on during and after the prayer which peculiarly and graciously was at the same time used and owned of God.

The People before the throne whom the Apostle is looking at are ones who discovered in their lives the exceeding sinfulness of sin. The closer they drew to God and the deeper they matured in their faith the more they dreaded sin and the more they labored in a battle against it.

God made them to feel a hatred for the garments spotted by the flesh... they once loved their vices and habits and curious ways... but they grew by the grace of God to hate them all, fearing sin... made agitated and nervous by it- for they knew how horrible it was to and is to God!

"Tis not the fear of hell alone
for that may prove extreme
Repenting saints the Saviour own
And grieve for grieving Him"

These happy people have known the pain of letting their Lord down... they have wept and toiled and battled ... they did not just hate sin because it would send them to Hell.. they hated sin because it was offensive to God and they knew that it was their foolish and selfish behavior that caused their Savior such agony on Calvary’s cross.

Child of God.. you desire to be there; before the Lord in a robe of white; it will surely come- be patient- do not be surprised if however until then you are in daily warfare with the flesh and the worldliness that lurks within you- you long for the struggle to be over, you are desperate to stop sinning and be free from the guilt that breaks you.... it will come- but until then we must with all other saints accept this painful experience of mortifying sin and never let your guard down.


2. People who go to heaven know the washing of the blood of the Lord Jesus

Although their robes were not always clean, they have in their lifetimes been washed. There is a remedy provided, it is acc. to the text "The blood of the Lamb."

I am sure no-one here needs me to tell them who is meant by "the lamb"- the Bible only calls one person "God’s lamb"... it is the Lord Jesus Christ. He was the one that John the Baptist looked to and declared "Behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the World!".... But here we find that the Lord Jesus’ blood is related to the taking away of sin. It is vital that we know that only by the blood of Christ can a person be cleansed and made right for heaven.

It is not enough to be following the example of Christ and to study His life and admire His very obvious perfection. It is by the death of Christ that a man is made fit for heaven... it is by the shedding of His blood.

Let no-one say that I am saying the life of the Lord Jesus is unimportant.... That is not what I am saying at all.... if it were not for his sinless life then there would be no grounds upon which He could die in the place of guilty men and women. The effectiveness of His atoning death is based upon the perfection of His holy life. However His holy life alone can not save anyone- doubtless during His life He saved many from the ravages of sickness and disease... but any and all who He would save from sin are saved by the merits of His substitutionary death.

"Without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin"

Notice also that while it is the death of Christ which is presented as the grounds of cleansing and pardon... The people who enjoy actual remission are those who have done more than bless God that his Son died... they have not only realized that Christ’s death is the fountain opened for sin and uncleanness of which the prophet Czech. prophesied... they are those who have actually come and "Washed their robes.."

There is no ambiguity here.. they have in their lifetime known the actual cleansing effect of the blood of Christ.

How does a man/ women know this cleansing? There is only one answer- "By faith!" How are we by faith to know cleansing... how does this work? What do you mean? How can I sing and mean it-

"The dying thief rejoiced to see that fountain in his day- And there may I though vile as he wash all my sins away!"?

If you think back to the Passover which is recorded in Ex. 12. A Lamb was to be slain, typical of the death of Christ..... the blood of that Lamb was not to be spilled onto the ground but painted onto the door posts and lintels of the house... the blood applied as God had directed ensured mercy and the first born in those houses was saved from the angel of deaths visitation.

The Jews had faith that the blood of the lamb would deliver them... they looked to the blood to spare them.... in like manner when a man today has faith in the blood of Christ, he is simply believing that his soul will be saved because the Lord Jesus has suffered in his place. Faith is not some mysterious force or power that man works up or charges up in his heart... it is the gift of God, it is the work of grace in the heart and it enables a person to trust that the death of Christ was for him and that it is all God requires as payment for the many sins which have so offended and grieved him.

Wm. Hendrikson said "These saints whom John in the vision, beholds, have washed their flowing robes and have made them white in the blood of the Lamb. In other words, they have placed all their trust in the saving blood of Jesus Christ.

This blood representing the complete atonement which our Lord has rendered, has cleansed them from the guilt and the pollution of sin.. By means of the red blood of Christ they have been made white."

Can you see how effective the blood of the Lord Jesus is? It makes the garment "White!" It cleanses completely! "Come now let us reason together says the Lord.. though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow.. though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool!" ISA.1:18.

When God provides a remedy for sin it is a perfect remedy... he washes and he washes good!

What are the garments that are washed? Well we are not talking about the imputed righteousness of Christ which is referred to as a covering, a robe of righteousness, for that needs no cleansing... we are talking of the consciences of these people.... yes the soft and tender consciences which challenged them about sin and caused them to discover their own inherent wickedness while at one time they thought perhaps they were good people.

Some would think when they first become aware of their sinfulness that the only way they could ever get peace of conscience would be for it to be surgically removed... there is no rest to be found in anything.... a man who is troubled by guilt can even drink himself into a drunken stupor... but the conscience never gets drunk.. it is as articulate and loud to the drunkard as it is to the sober man... their is no silencing it. So, how is the conscience ever to be pacified without damaging it and trying to destroy it? By the blood of Christ is the Bibles answer, and the experience of all who come to Calvary agree.

Awakened consciences have been put to rest.... not put to sleep or numbed... but rested. For the Bible tells us in HEB 9:13-14 "If the blood of bulls and of goats, and of the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh; How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?"

How is it possible to have a conscience which is so sensitive to sin and the evil of rebellion against God at peace? It comes about because the true believer knows that the death of Christ has covered his sin... the Lord has required of the Son of God the payment due... and therefore since Christ has legally settled the debt we owe... we can rest and indeed rejoice in the knowledge of the forgiveness of sin.

But does that not encourage people to sin ? When they know they can be forgiven and that they can find peace from the badgering of their conscience... do they not feel free to sin? The awakened person as we have said hates sin, because he realizes it is that which so grieved the Lord Jesus.. therefore he will not easily and casually sin.. if he does he is not awakened at all.

This leads me to another point. Not only is someone’s conscience at rest but their lifestyle is one affected by the cleansing of the Savior’s blood. It is a sorry thing when someone professes to be a Christian and by their life they deny it. What Paul wrote to Titus (TIT 2:12) is alien t the thinking of some professing believers..

"The grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared unto all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly , righteously and godly in this present world."

However those sinners who have washed their robes- their consciences their lives in the blood of the Lamb, will walk with Him in white.

These people once were sinners, but now by the blood of Christ they are standing cleansed and fit to be in the presence of God!

With harps and with vials there stands a great throng
In the presence of Jesus and sing this new song
unto him who hath loved us and washed us from sin
unto him be the glory forever amen
All these once were sinners, defiled in His sight
Now arrayed in pure garments in praise they unite
He maketh the rebel a priest and a King
He hath bought us and taught us this new song to sing

Do you want to be there? I know you do. Are you washed in the blood of Christ? Have your sins been forgiven? Is your conscience and has your life been affected? Do you know of what we are speaking? The washing in the Savior’s blood.. which cleanses the guilty conscience from sin and then as a blood bought one the Holy Spirit comes and resides making you a different character from what you were before.

We have seen that those standing in heaven once had filthy robes... in other words they were sinners and they knew it. We have also seen that they are in heaven because their robes have been washed in the blood of Christ. Their sins have been forgiven, they have been pardoned, they are clean- and it’s all because they have looked to the Lord Jesus and with faith they have been enabled to accept that when He died He did so to pay the price for their sin.

We read in ROM 5:8-9 "God commendeth His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, being justified by his blood, we shall be saved from wrath through him."


3. The amazing joy of heaven

Verse 15-17:

"THEREFORE..." In the light of this fact that the blood has cleansed them... they are before the throne of God! There is nothing said here about the tears they shed on account of their sin, the temptations they shunned or the doctrine they had come to appreciate. They are there on account of the blood of the Lord Jesus! That word "therefore" is important. When you see "therefore" in the Bible ask yourself what is it "there for" it is a word which announces some great conclusion or consequence... in this case it is declaring that since these people have been made right by the merits of the Lord Jesus’ blood they are brought to God in peace!

There will be no poor sinner who believes in the blood of the Lord Jesus who is excluded from this gathering.

In all the Universe I cannot think of a place where I would rather be... "before the throne of God.." That is where one day I will be , and if the blood is your only hope of justification then you will be also. Here is the company , the whole company of the redeemed and they are "Before..the throne of God.." That is they are accepted and welcome into the very presence of the most holy wise and righteous one.

No man, woman or child who believes in the blood of Christ will ever hear the voice of God say "Depart from me.." They will be received into the presence of God.

This is a most descriptive phrase- were I permitted to stand before the throne of some earthly ruler then I would be given a great earthly honor.... but it would be nothing to what I fully expect one day- to be before the throne of God.

Do you rem. what was said of Lazarus the blind beggar who sat at the rich mans gate while the dogs licked his sores and the bread the prosperous gentleman disregarded as undeniable was his daily portion? When he died and went to heaven we are told "Now he is comforted!" Yes indeed there is comfort and blessing awaiting the blood washed sinner who appears before God.

We have had little tastes from time to time of the Lord Jesus coming down and meeting with us... it hasn’t actually happened but we have felt as if on some occasions that we were transported into heaven- you know how inexpressibly sweet such a time is in the presence of the Savior.... What will it be like to be in the presence of God forever and ever?

Look what the past experience of the Christians John sees has been.. verse 14- "These are they which came out of great tribulation.." Now I should say some wrongly say this is a company of Jews... they would not only separate the Church and the saved Jews on earth but they even separate them in heaven... they have the Jews standing all by themselves.. these people are the Jews saved during the later 3 1/2 years of the tribulation which they say follows the Savior’s coming for the Church.

Of course I don’t see that in the Bible at all- but definitely I do not see the saved Jews and the and the body of Christ as two separate bodies.

One writer says "If these people gathered here were the Church, John would have known it. John doesn’t know who this company is, doesn’t that tell you the Church is not going to go through the great tribulation.."

Quite frankly I have to answer what this tells me is John is amazed by the number of those who are before the throne.. he sees the great company of those for whom Christ died and he should not be expected to recognize anyone in the sea of faces, esp. due to the fact that his attention has just been turned to them by this elder. Also from what we read in REV 7:9 we find they are from every nation and kindred... they are gentiles and Jews who have been all saved in the only way men can be saved- by the atoning blood of the Lord Jesus.

This is people who once knew great tribulation ... this is the experience of every age of saint. When has there ever been a generation who has not been opposed and persecuted for the light of the gospel that shone in this darkened world... "Unto you then it is given on the behalf of Christ , not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for His sake." PHIL 1:29.

Every age of believer has been able to say, Must I be carried to the skies on flowery beds of ease while others fought to win the prize and sailed through stormy seas.

The Lord Jesus said in John 16:33 "In the World ye shall have great tribulation..." His words were absolutely spot on.. all generations have suffered for righteousness sake.



But look back to our text- they have come from great affliction... some have had hard and tough lives- they have wept not only because of indwelling sin which plagued them and annoyed them so very much... but they wept because of difficulties and sorrows inflicted upon them also.

However look where they are now? They are in the presence of God... before His very throne- the throne Isa. saw (in Isa. 6) The throne of righteousness and the throne of grace... the place from where the government of all things has always been conducted!

They don’t need to get on their knees in a secret place to commune with God anymore- they don’t need to drag themselves away from their families and occupations to have their minds focused on God- they don’t have to worry about their persecutors or even about indwelling sin (for they are free from it) They are there- where they have always wanted to be.. in the throne room of God.

They once by faith approached this throne in prayer.. they could not see the glory of God then- but they could see sin and it’s results scattered all about them... they longed then to be in the very presence of God- and here it is they are there- heaven is no longer something they believe by faith.. it is what they know as reality now... the presence of God- Oh to be there!

I have heard of the land of the blest ,
That country so bright and so fair
And oft are it’s glories in sight
But what must it be to be there?

The elder adds in vs 15 that God "dwells among them.." - this word is SKENOO (skay-no-oo). It is used in John 1:14 "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.." God the Son actually physically in person came and resided among us! It is a term which indicates real presence... this is what heaven is all about- Should there be a place where the streets are paved with gold, where there is no sickness, sorrow nor dying... even a place where no sin shall enter in and yet there also be no Lord Jesus- it would not be heaven. It is His presence that makes heaven heaven!

These saints once cried in prayer "Come down Lord!" no longer will they need to pray in that manner... the Lord has said "Come up Bride of my Son." They are in heaven and the Lord dwells with them.. He is before their eyes for all eternity.



As struck by awe and wonder as they are; do you notice they are not idol. They don’t sit in God’s presence simply soaking it all in- they are serving Him day and night!

They worship God... they bring the sacrifice of praise to God... the verb "to serve" that is used here (LATREUO) carries with it the strong connotation of worship... it is not like DOULEUO which always implies labour- sometimes manual work, sometimes heavy and hard tasks.. from this we get DOULOS= slave.

But the people around the throne are serving God with a spirit of thanksgiving and joy .. they render to him spontaneous and joyous, unceasing worship. They are singing, praising and glorifying God... this is their service- and they never tire of it... it is a blessing to them and the Lord receives their offerings gladly.

I like how Matthew Henry puts it "Heaven is a state of service but not of suffering; it is a state of rest but not of sloth, it is a praising delightful rest." We could add- it is one long eternal sabbath day... a day set apart to and for God and one which is a constant blessing to all who enter into the bliss.



Verse 16-17

Things they once experienced and endured- even as they sought to serve God on earth are removed from them. Such as hunger... thirst... even the searing burning heat of the Sun... these things shall be no more.

How is this going to happen? Look at vs 17. The Lamb who shed His blood to redeem them from the clutches of sin and the devil... is at the center of this kindness and provision. "The Lamb which is in the midst of the throne of God shall feed them- and shall lead them unto living fountains.."

Here we see that the Lamb is the Shepherd... the one who was slaughtered on Calvary’s cross and whose blood was shed for the remission of sins... he is now with every one of those for whose sins he actually suffered. The thing He prayed for in JOH 17:24 has come to pass at last- He has the desire of His heart... He said "Father, I will that they also, whom thou hast given me be with me where I am; that they may behold my glory.." and here is the picture of that request completely fulfilled- every single one, from every corner of the globe whom the Father has given the Son as the reward for the travail of His soul is there with him... the fruit of his agony and sin-bearing is spread out before the Lamb... yet look at what John saw- the Savior is still giving of himself to them as he ensures their eternal happiness.

What a gracious savior he is. He is perpetually concerned for the well-being of his people. If someone shows you a kindness you are grateful... if they constantly show you kindness and you have no way of paying them back in kind it becomes a real embarrassment. The one way flow of courtesy somewhat overwhelms you. Is this not the case dear child of God with you and your good shepherd?

He has died for you... it is infinitely more than you deserve... if he had borne your sins and justify it at that you would be forever indebted to Him.... however he has gone into heaven and we are told in Scripture it is for the express purpose of interceding , praying for and representing you, as He lives he intercedes; the overwhelming benevolence of the Savior is incredible; He is coming again one day... and the reason is that "where he is there we may be also... is coming is for the Church, for you (if you are a Christian) .

But now we are told that even when He takes His own to heaven He is still concentrating on them... he has not sat back and said.. "Now they are here and are at last perfect and free from weakness and sin, I can sit back and receive all their perfect worship.. which for the first time they are able to offer." No... we are told that "The Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters;" This verse shows us that the Lord is not just our shepherd on earth... he is our shepherd forever, He acts in a shepherdly manner towards us!

God’s redeemed people have the eternal guarantee of the love and leading of the Lord for all eternity. He does not only graciously see us safely into heaven but He sees to it that while in heaven we are cared for, and indeed, smothered in His loving provision. "Need" will not be a word used much in glory for there will be none of it.

The chapter ends with a glorious prospect- "God Himself shall wipe away all tears from their eyes." There were many tears shed.... and "God Himself" has taken notice of them... so much so that He Himself, will wipe them all away from the eyes of His people. This expression is showing us that the mighty God cares and is concerned about the troubles that afflict His people. He will not say to His people "Dry your eyes now" and leave them to do it.. nor will He send a messenger to dry the tears, He does it Himself!

Spurgeon preached on Psalm 56:8 where the Psalmist says "Thou tellest my wanderings; put thou my tears into Thy bottle; are they not written in thy book?" He said he could envisage three bottles... and three columns in God’s book as he takes note of our tears... 1- A Common bottle, into which the catalogue of grief caused by sickness, financial need, even death is put. 2- A Black foul bottle, filled with the tears shed because of sin . He makes the point that this bottle is more full than the first for "Sin is more often the Mother of sorrow than all the other ills of life put together." 3- A crystal bottle, in which are the tears shed for the lost... tears shed because God’s honor was not sought on earth and for those in the Church of Christ who were in need of a heavenly touch." The true believer knows something of these kinds of tears- but one day God Himself will wipe them all away and there will be "no more sickness and crying."

The conditions in heaven are not just ideal they are absolutely perfect and thoroughly good.... what a place the Church of Jesus Christ is going to! What a vision John saw.... he was able to live out the rest of his life knowing that he was going to that place he had a view of. Although we have not been there and our eye has not seen , nor yet has our ear truly heard all that God has prepared for them that love Him... yet we have had the joy of sneaking a peek with John and even that little glimpse is more than we can really comprehend!

If you are truly washed in the blood of Christ... your garments made white- then this is the place Christ is going to take you to... it is this place He is even now preparing for you!

Be patient then- when you are made aware that this is the time of great tribulation, then keep this hope before you and do not falter from walking in the light of the revealed Word of God. When you are tempted to be sidetracked from marching onwards to Zion, the beautiful City of God... resist that temptation, for the reward that awaits outweighs this world’s best by more than we can say.

Dear friend, you who know you are religious but not blood washed... you are trusting your works and goodness... realize these things are vain- for these people in heaven are those who are washed from sin in Christ’s blood- that is they are pardoned on the basis of His work on Calvary... they are not standing dressed in the robes of their own righteousness.. then they would be in dirty rags indeed... they are trusting in the Lord Jesus only- and so must you... or else you will never se heaven for yourself... this sermon and the picture created in your mind of what heaven is like will be as near as you get to being there.... So flee to Christ.. see in Him the grounds of peace and pardon and embrace Him before this day comes and you are not there among the redeemed of God.

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