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History of the Church in Minsk

Christ's Covenant Baptist Church of Minsk, Belarus, is the first Reformed Baptist church in the former Soviet Union. Opening in 1995 with seven in attendance, the church has grown to 38 members with many others coming regularly and showing keen interest in the Gospel.  The church is a happy mixture of young and old. Some were victims of the Soviet system; others came to Christ in the freedom more recently enjoyed. The former provide stability; the latter add enthusiasm. 

The church first met in a tiny flat. In 1997 it secured property and an old farmhouse, which was remodeled for worship, teaching, and fellowship. In the summer of 2000, God willing, the church will open a new building with a spacious auditorium, classrooms, a dining hall, offices, and an apartment for visiting pastors. All has been done without putting the church into debt. In addition to the stated meetings, the new building will host seminars and conferences promoting reformation and revival in the CIS.

The church is aggressive in its evangelism. Besides private witnessing, it has had a campus outreach and a hospital ministry. In the near future, it hopes to open a Sunday School in the nearby youth hostel. Door-to-door witnessing is now being organized, and a public reading room will soon be opened. In addition to reaching the lost for Christ, the church hopes to plant other churches in the towns of Belarus (many of which have no Gospel witness). Four or five men have preaching and pastoral gifts in the church and are eager to put them to use in the Lord's vineyard.

The pastor is Georgi Viazovski, a 1994 graduate of the London Reformed Baptist Seminary. With his fellow elders and deacons, he is committed to the Reformed Faith, Biblical church life, practical holiness, and eager evangelism. To promote these causes in the CIS, Georgi edits Grace to Russia, a ministry that identifies, translates, and distributes free of charge the best in Evangelical and Reformed literature. Under the blessing of God, books by Jonathan Edwards, C.H. Spurgeon, J.I. Packer, Derek Prime, Donald Carson, Walter Chantry, and other reliable authors are now read by Russian pastors and teachers from Vilnius to Vladivostok. In the next few years Georgi hopes to translate commentaries starting with J.C. Ryle's classic Expository Thoughts on the Gospels.

The politics and culture of Belarus are strongly opposed to the Gospel. Evangelical Christianity is often equated with Western influence. Open persecution has not occurred in recent years, but many fear it will. In any event, Christ remains Lord of All, and the brethren in Minsk look in faith to Him who does all things well.

by Grace to Russia:

Grace to Russia identifies, translates, and distributes Christian literature to the Russian speaking peoples of the former Soviet Union. All titles are given out free of charge to any who asks for them. Our primary focus, however, is to help pastors and teachers better “equip the saints for the work of ministry”

1. “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” by Jonathan Edward (OUT OF PRINT)
2. “Coming to Faith in Christ” by John Benton (OUT OF PRINT)
3. “Baptism and Church Membership” by Erroll Hulse (OUT OF PRINT)
4. “Holiness and Humility” by Andrew Murray (OUT OF PRINT)
5. “The Narrow Way” by William Nichols
6. “The True Gospel of Christ” by Shelton (Out of Print)
7. “Today's Gospel” by Walter Chantry
8. “What is a Biblical Christian?” by Albert N. Martin
9. “The Baptist Shorter Catechism”
10. “The Terrors of Hell” by Bill Nichols
11. “The Narrow Road that Leads to Life” by Bill Nichols (OUT OF PRINT)
12. “Christian Handbook” by Peter Jeffrey (OUT OF PRINT)
13. “Stepping Stones” by Peter Jeffrey  (OUT OF PRINT)
14. “The Bible on the Life Hereafter” by William Hendrickson
15. “A Journey in Grace” by Richard Belcher
16. “Questions on the Christian Faith” by Derek Prime
17. “A Call to Spiritual Reformation” by D. A. Carson
18. “Bible Guidelines” by Derek Prime
19. “A Journey in Purity” by Richard Belcher
20. “12 Sermons by Spurgeon on Christmas”
21. “12 Sermons by Spurgeon on the Holy Spirit”

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